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Welcome to the Stevenson trail!

logo20ansassostevenson-trans-p20th anniversary ! (1994-2014)


The association "Sur le Chemin de R. L. Stevenson" can accompany you in preparing your adventure and this site contains a great deal of practical information.

An exceptional trail through the Massif Central, 250 km from Puy-en-Velay to Alès...Crossing 4 departments: Haute-Loire, Ardèche, Lozère, Gard.

Alone, in a group, with a donkey or without, come and explore the route taken by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1878, which is today also known as the GR70...

"In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson"

Our European Network, check our website !

Since 2010, the Association "Sur le chemin de RL Stevenson" is working on it. The aim is to connect territories together in France, Belgium, England, and Scotland where Stevenson lived or travelled into it...

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- Photos and videos along the trail

Explore the path from your lounge...



See the 2014 brochure on line

in English / in Deutsch


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portrait RLS avec citation

“Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits.” RLS


Information about the Trail (GR®70)

 Every thing fine for the moment !

Observatory of Stevenson's hiker (Hiker Research)

ecriture nbWho are the Stevenson's hiker ? We wanted to know more about you, your trail, expectations and satisfaction !


The questionnaire 2014 in English here

The Result 2013 here (in french)

" For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go; I travel for travel's sake. And to write about it afterwards [...]" RLS